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Anyone can cut metal. Machining plastics is a different story. To successfully manufacture complex plastic parts to print, you need to work with someone who has extensive experience with plastics. At Upland Fab, we’ve been machining plastics in California since 1970.


Upland Fab's Precision Plastics

To cut parts from materials like Teflon® or Vespel®, you need to be very familiar with them and understand how they respond to heat or other stresses. You also need to be experienced with unique cutting techniques. Upland Fab engineers have experience with precision plastics that other manufacturers simply cannot match.



Carbon Fiber Machining and Honeycomb Composites

Composites, like carbon fiber and honeycomb/foam core, are some of the most difficult materials to machine. The development of a multitude of honeycomb based products indicates its highly successful application for components requiring a high strength to weight ratio along with energy absorption considerations, and the range of materials in which it is now made, various metals, fibers and plastics. This now demonstrates its continued future importance for designers and manufacturers to use Honeycomb composite material. Unlike other manufacturers, machining composites are our specialty, which means we know the secret to successfully machining parts from composite materials. With 5-axis CNC machining, we cut composite materials into complex parts.



Upland Fab's Unmatched Experience with Plastics

As a family-owned company, we value our employees and reward them for their loyalty. As a result, our team comprises experienced engineers who are well-versed in the unique machining techniques necessary for successfully machining precision plastics and composites.


World-Class Communication with Upland Fab

Our ability to manufacture complex parts from hard-to-machine materials is just one of the things that set Upland Fab apart from the competition. Our commitment to consistent communication is why our customers return to us again and again. As an Upland Fab customer, you will have a single point of contact who will work with you every step of the way.


Other Materials Upland Fab Machines:


Supply Inventory Management

We have an efficient and advanced Supply Inventory Management system so you'll never have to worry about reorders or running out at the wrong time! We can work with any delivery frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Flexibility in our manufacturing enables us to adjust shipping quantities and frequencies as needed to meet changes in product demand. 

Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining

Precision Plastic and Composite
CNC Machining since 1970.

Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining
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