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5-Axis Machining & Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon Fiber Machined Parts

Carbon fiber composite machining is unlike any other type of machining. Unique to carbon fiber machining are issues such as delamination, dust control, and a reduction in properties due to exceeding the thermal limits of the material. Upland Fab’s engineers have been machining carbon fiber composites for over a decade. Experiences with the Aerospace Industry have given us the ability to develop processes to monitor and control all of these issues on every part we machine. Approved by Lockheed Martin and other aerospace manufacturers for flight critical parts, Upland Fab has proven itself a leader in carbon fiber composites machining. With the high cost of materials and processing, it is important to choose an experienced company such as Upland Fab to machine your composite parts.


5-Axis Carbon Fiber Composites

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in the use of Carbon Fiber composites in product design. Due to its high strength to weight ratio it has found its way into industries such as aerospace, automotive, and drone manufacturing. The ability to produce complex shapes from a composite layup has enabled carbon fiber parts to replace metal parts that would have required extensive amounts of machining. Because often times carbon fiber parts are complex in shape, trimming and drilling them requires sophisticated multi axis machining capabilities.


Digital Product Definition and Model Based Definition Approved

Complex composite parts requiring machining are almost always defined digitally. Having an approved DPD (Digital Product Definition)/MBD (Model Based Definition) is essential to properly controlling these models to ensure the right part is produced the first time. Upland Fabrication’s DPD/MBD system has been approved by multiple Aerospace primes such as Boeing and UTC Aerospace.


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