Upland Fab is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D certified and will remain at the leading edge of the plastic manufacturing industry; with customer service second to none backed by a tradition of quality and reliability that began over forty years ago right here in southern California. Check out our Certifications and Contact us today!


AS9100 Rev. D Certified

Upland Fab Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
AS9100 Rev D

ITAR Certified

5PTPTT02-D Fracture/Durability Critical Parts
5PTPTT11-A Mission/Safety & Selected Durability Mech Equipment
5PTPTT12-B Wind Swept Surface Parts


2ZZP00006ASIP/MESIP Critical Parts - F-35

D6-82479 Boeing Quality Management System

D6-51991 Boeing DPD Certified


CMM Inspection Process 

Our fully-automated CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection probe examines 100% of the parts we manufacture. CMM inspection measures the geometry of completed parts to detect any deviation from their design specifications. High-resolution measurement (within ±0.000001”) of thousands of references points provides real-time data for advanced quality control.



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Download Our Standard Q.A. Procurement Clauses - Rev J

Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining

Precision Plastic and Composite
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Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining
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