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Mil-I-24768 Composite Laminate Machining

Laminate Composites at Upland Fab

Machining of these laminates takes experience and proper equipment. The machinist must be knowledgeable about causes of delamination, burning, and rapid cutter wear. Upland Fab’s engineers have been machining these materials for over 45 years. With many laminate materials in stock, we can provide quick-turn parts at a savings to the customer. Our extensive dust control equipment is essential to maintaining a safe working environment when working with laminate materials.


High-Pressure Laminates Mil-I-24768

Laminated materials such as FR4/G10 and G11 have been in use for decades and Upland Fab Engineers have been machining these materials for the same amount of time. Often thought of as fiberglass, these laminates are actually composite materials composed of a base material and resin. Available base materials are cotton, glass, nylon, and paper combined with resins such as phenolic, melamine, epoxy, or polyester. Most often used for their excellent insulating properties, the laminates are found in high voltage applications as well as circuit board and semiconductor applications. Because of how they are constructed, another appealing property is the strength of these materials. Today’s engineers are using these materials more and more as structural components.


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Upland Fab is one of the few companies that has the capability to machine laminates. However, we’re unique in more ways than one. We are dedicated to providing reliable communication to our clients. This helps ensure that our customers’ projects move along smoothly and swiftly. To make things as simple as possible, we offer our clients a single point of contact.


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Upland Fabrication is a leader in Mil-I-24768 laminate composite machining. To discover the advantage of working with our FR4/G10 and G11 materials as well as our excellent Upland Fab customer service. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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