The Best Corrosion-Resistant Plastics for CNC Machining

April 12, 2024

The best corrosion-resistant plastic for CNC machining productions will depend on the needs of your final assembly. Explore HDPE, PFDF, PTFE, and other options.

The Best Plastics for the Semiconductor Industry

January 25, 2024

Semiconductors, wafers, and microchips power virtually every modern electronic assembly. These microproducts require precision machined plastic components that achieve complete accuracy and reliability at all stages of production and operation. As a result, plastics used in the semiconductor industry must meet strict requirements.

Machining vs. Molding Plastics

January 25, 2024

CNC machining and injection molding are two highly effective and efficient ways of producing custom plastic parts for industrial assemblies, but deciding which process is best for your run can be a challenge. 

The Best Wear-Resistant Plastics for CNC Machining

January 25, 2024

When machining custom parts for high-friction or high-wear applications, choosing a durable precision plastic for your production is critical for safe, effective, and long-lasting operations for end users. Wear resistance defines a plastic’s ability to resist volume loss through mechanical actions such as rubbing or scraping, and these materials feature low-friction properties to enhance component performance.

September 25, 2023

Medical devices, surgical components, and other CNC machined parts used in medical applications must meet strict guidelines and deliver uncompromising performances. Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences for care providers, patients, and other end users. 

July 18, 2023

Multi-axis CNC machining is a quick, efficient, and precise way to accurately produce plastic parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries to meet your industry requirements.

Improve Precision & Surface Finish in Plastic Parts with Post-Machining Processes

July 18, 2023

CNC machining is an efficient and accurate way to mass produce plastic parts. For many applications, the surface finishes produced during machining are adequate for end users. However, others may require additional processing, including for uses that demand aesthetic appeal or extreme precision. To create these plastic part surface finishes, post-machining processes can be applied to produce your desired results.

5 CNC Machining Mistakes that Cost You Money

April 6, 2023

CNC machining is a cost-effective and versatile manufacturing method for creating low, medium, or high-volume orders of custom precision plastic parts. However, these common CNC machining challenges can quickly waste time, money, and resources better spent elsewhere.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Plastic Material for CNC Machining

February 28, 2023

CNC machining is a cost-effective process that quickly and accurately creates plastic products. Using rotating tools or by rotating the workpiece, materials are removed to create your desired shape. CNC machining can create plastic parts that are simple in design or feature complex geometries and tight tolerances. Choosing the right plastic material is essential in your precision CNC process. Keep these considerations in mind as you navigate your options and find your best solution.

Machining Carbon-Filled Plastics

August 15, 2022

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics or polymers (CFRP) feature low density, high strength and stiffness, good toughness, and good resistance to creep, fatigue, wear, and corrosion. They have a low friction coefficient and can meet most dimensional tolerances, surface quality specifications, and other requirements. These characteristics make carbon-filled composites popular in many industries, but they are particularly suited to aerospace applications. Yet, for all these advantages, machining carbon fiber reinforced polymers can be expensive and challenging due to several factors.

Machining Glass-Filled Plastics

June 24, 2022

Glass and plastic composites are known for their resilient performances, extreme durability, and excellent impact resistance. They are high-strength, chemically resistant, and stable options used to manufacture various structural components, medical devices, and electrical housing parts. However, despite these many advantages, machining glass fiber reinforced polymers is extremely difficult and requires a high level of expertise to produce your desired results.

May 05, 2022

Many applications and industries require plastic parts and components machined from heat-resistant polymers. These plastic materials must stand up to harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and repeated use without degradation of performance. However, choosing the best high-temperature plastic for your planned use can sometimes be challenging.

Challenges of CNC Machining Honeycomb Panels

February 25, 2022

Honeycomb cores are a popular choice for applications throughout many industries, including aerospace, aeronautic, automotive, naval, and others. The layered hexagonal structure creates high strength and excellent stiffness to weight ratio. However, honeycomb core panels are notoriously difficult to machine due to the weak rigidity present in the in-plane direction of the cellular materials. Due to the challenges in machining honeycomb panels, many engineers choose materials and structures less suited to their planned use or waste time and resources inefficiently machining honeycomb core.

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