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CNC Plastic Milling & Low Volume Plastic Parts

CNC Milling and Machining of Precision Plastics

When it comes to CNC plastic milling, no one has more experience than Upland Fab. There are many CNC shops out there, but they focus more on cutting metal. Most plastics manufacturers rely on methods like injection molding and don’t have experience with CNC machining. Upland Fab is the only manufacturer that focuses on – and has perfected – CNC plastic machining.


CNC Plastic Machining Technologies

At our facility, we use sophisticated 3-, 4- and 5-axis plastic CNC milling machines to achieve complex geometries and multi-sided machining. Because low volume complex parts can be completed in a single setup, CNC milling reduces set up time and part handling.

The type of CNC plastic milling machinery used for your project depends on factors such as material, design complexity, and finishing requirements. Each CNC plastic machining process provides different benefits, and we will select the best option based on your project requirements.


  • 3-axis CNC Machines: Produce the most common geometries and are best suited for designs that do not require multiple rotations of the workpiece. 3-axis machines are typically used to drill holes, mill slots, or machine previse edges.
  • 4-axis CNC Machines: Allow access to an additional side of the workpiece, allowing the milling of holes, slots, and other features to the side of a part.  
  • 5-axis CNC Machines: Provide the highest precision and use multidimensional rotation to allow access to all sides of a workpiece, allowing the creation of intricate details and complex designs. These CNC machines are widely used for aerospace and medical products, as well as industrial and consumer goods.


Precision CNC Plastics and Composites

Upland Fabrications engineers have experience working with a wide range of precision plastics and composites. We use CNC plastic milling and our unmatched expertise to create quality parts out of everything from Teflon® to Honeycomb Core Composites. Bring us your material and design requirements, and we’ll deliver CNC machined plastic components that exceed your expectations.  


Why Choose CNC Plastic Machining Over Other Methods?

Plastic CNC milling offers distinct advantages over injection molding, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing:


Upland Fab's There for All Your Complex Needs

Upland Fab serves industries with complex needs; from jet engine manifolds to circuit board parts. We use plastic CNC machining to make complex composite parts that keep industries moving.


We’re Committed to Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Our expertise with CNC machined plastics isn’t the only edge we have over the competition. We place a high value on effective client communication. As an Upland Fab customer, you’ll have a single point of contact who works with you every step of the way. This streamlined method of communication helps to ensure that projects run smoothly from start to finish.


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If you have a design for a low volume part, let Upland Fab manufacture it for you. We've been providing top-flight plastics & composite machining in southern California Since 1970. Give us a call at 909-986-6565 with your project requirements or get a quote today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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