The Best Corrosion-Resistant Plastics

Applications or assemblies dealing with chemical exposure, friction, and other harsh factors require plastic parts that withstand tough conditions and resist corrosion. When designing your precision plastic components, selecting a corrosion-resistant material will be essential to producing high-quality CNC-machined plastic parts, including:

Due to their high degree of durability, corrosion-resistant materials often require advanced CNC machining knowledge. Upland Fab is here to help. Staffed with highly trained engineers, our machine shop has the hands-on knowledge and earned expertise needed to machine corrosion-resistant plastics into high-functioning components. Contact us or call 909-986-6565 to speak with a representative and explore your options.

What is the Best Corrosion-Resistant Plastic for My CNC Machining Production?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a complex thermoplastic with an exemplary resistance to corrosion. It is often used to manufacture plastic bottles, pipes, lumber, and other industrial or commercial products. HDPE is an attractive option for many manufacturing runs due to its recyclability, ability to maintain operations at a range of temperatures, and high tensile strength.

Kynar® (PFDF)

Kynar, or polyvinylidene fluoride, is an excellent choice for any high-corrosion application as it resists chemicals, electrostatic, UV and other radiation, flames, and smoke. Kynar parts are weldable, making them versatile inclusions in your final assembly, and these components are used in projects across industries. It is available as a homopolymer for high-strength capabilities and improved heat deflection or as a copolymer for greater impact and stress crack resistance.

Teflon® (PTFE)

PTFE, also known by its brand name Teflon, is a high-performance plastic for environments and applications requiring extreme resistance to corrosion or friction, such as seals or gaskets. It features good dimensional stability at temperatures up to 500°F and is used widely as it can meet many standards, including ASTM, UL, and more.

However, Teflon’s many beneficial characteristics also make it notoriously difficult to machine. For successful production, it is critical to partner with an established machine shop that understands how to machine, anneal, and deburr PTFE parts. Contact Upland Fab for more information.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a versatile and FDA-compliant material that is one of the most popular corrosion-resistant plastics in the world. It features a high resistance to moisture absorption and offers a higher chemical resistance than other polymers. Other advantages to polypropylene include:

  • Cost-effective price point
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • And much more!

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and chlorinated PVC, or CPVC, are commonly used throughout sectors for parts used in high-corrosion applications, including construction, plumbing, electrical insulation, consumer goods, and much more. Both types of PVC are durable, flexible, and maintain excellent performance capabilities at a wide range of temperatures.

Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW)

As a high-volume mass version of polyethylene, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) is the ideal solution for plastic parts that require corrosion resistance, high load or capacity abilities, or impact resistance. UHMW is often cited as the toughest thermoplastic currently available on the market as it features strength and abrasion-resistant properties that match or exceed carbon steel.

Upland Fab Works With You to Find Your Best Corrosion-Resistant Plastic

The best corrosion-resistant plastic for your production will depend on your unique specifications. The Upland Fab team will keep communications open and ongoing at every step of production, ensuring that no detail is missed during your CNC machining process. With over 50 years of experience, we are ready to tackle the rigors of your order.

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