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Industries collage: Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Semi Conductors

Serving Industries Nationwide Since 1970

At Upland Fab, we machine complex plastic parts for leaders of a wide range of industries, including:


  • Aerospace Machined Plastic Parts: Aerospace and aircraft manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their assemblies lighter without sacrificing quality or performance. Our engineers have extensive experience with machining complex plastic or composite parts with superior accuracy.
  • Defense Machined Plastic Parts: Upland Fab works closely with defense contractors on the selection and design of high-performance thermoplastics for components used in missiles, aircraft, rockets, and satellites.
  • Medical Machined Plastic Parts: Because they can be sterilized hundreds of times without degradation and are biocompatible, thermoplastic medical parts are a top choice for medical device manufacturers.

Because we’ve been serving customers in these industries since 1970, we understand the importance of accuracy. We use state-of-the-art CNC mills and turning centers to machine parts to close tolerances. No matter how complex or intricate the design, Upland Fab has both the equipment and the skills to produce parts that meet even the strictest requirements.


Experience: The Upland Edge

Machining plastics isn’t something that every manufacturer knows how to do. It takes a lot of experience with unique cutting techniques to successfully manufacture complex plastic or composite parts. We’re a family-owned business, and we treat our employees like family. As a result, our engineers have been with us for many years, and possess the kind of experience necessary for machining top-quality plastic parts.


Customer Communication Excellence 

Communication is one of our priorities at Upland Fab. Each customer has a single point of contact and receives continuous updates regarding the progress of their project.


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Discover what sets Upland Fab apart from other manufacturers. No part is too complex for Upland Fab, our cnc capabilities has the right process for your project.

Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining

Precision Plastic and Composite
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Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining
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