Secondary Services

Upland Fab is dedicated to being your full-service partner for machining complex plastic or composite parts in any industry. In addition to our precision CNC machining capabilities and to ensure you only receive the best final products, we offer several high-quality secondary services. From enhancing your overall quality of production to machining precision components that withstand the rigors of your industry, each of our processes is designed to deliver uncompromising performances in your planned application.

Have questions or are interested in an additional plastic machining process that you don’t see listed? Contact us or call 909-986-6565 today. Our highly trained engineering team will be in touch as soon as possible to solve your problem and produce a high-quality machined plastic solution.

Annealing Plastic Processes

Plastic annealing services remove stress from precision products that could cause cracking, wearing, poor chemical resistance, performance degradation, or complete component failure. Annealing plastic in machined products will relieve these inner pressures to create higher dimensional stability for exacting applications. Other benefits of plastic annealing services include:

  • Increased product integrity
  • Reduced expansion or shrinkage
  • Higher integrity level
  • Tighter tolerance capabilities
  • And much more!

Cryogenic Deburring Services

Cryogenic deburring, also called plastic deburring, is a process designed to remove burrs from machined plastic parts. Upland Fab is committed to providing fast service and complete accuracy, so we use liquid nitrogen to blast away burrs. This plastic deburring service is more cost-effective and efficient compared to manual deburring. With decades of combined industry experience, our team can work with most plastics to ensure you receive a final product without damaging flaws.

Value-Added Services for Machining Processes in Any Industry

Upland Fab’s roster of secondary services is versatile and adaptable to meet the needs, specifications, or regulatory guidelines required by any industry. We regularly work with complex products needing tight tolerances and complete accuracy for many applications, including:

Choose Upland Fab as Your Full-Service Plastic Machining Partner

From providing quick turnarounds on initial quotes through final delivery and ongoing support, the experts at Upland Fab are at your disposal. Our engineering design support allows us to create complex precision parts that match any specification, and we provide on-time delivery through our skilled inventory management services.

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