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Over 40 Years Experience

Upland Fab been machining high quality plastic parts for the aerospace, medical, communications and oil industries for over 40 years. A trusted manufacturer of precision plastic and composite parts.

Difficult & Complex Parts

Upland Fab has built a reputation for producing complex parts and assemblies. Our expertise is a combination of the right equipment, a can-do attitude, and many years of experience in all facets of plastic and composite machining.

Optimized Solutions

From project management to cost accounting to cell manufacturing to supplier management, a sound production control system is the heart of the successful manufacturing enterprise.

Specialist in Plastic and Composite Machining Competitively Priced

Quality and Reliability

We specialize in complex machining using a wide variety of plastic materials. We have always enjoyed the challenge of difficult parts that nobody else wants to do.

Our solid commitment to value for our customers, has made Upland Fab a recognized leader in plastics and composite manufacturing.

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Industries Served

Upland Fab has decades of experiece machining parts for the Aerospace, Medical & Communications industries.

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Plastic & Composite Parts

Our expertise is not only limited to thermoplastics, but also hard to manufacture composite materials.

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Problem Solved!

Our engineers will develop for you the right part for the right price. Problems solving is our speciality.

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