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Precision Plastic and Composite CNC Machining

CNC Machining Abilities for Plastic and Composite Materials

At Upland Fab, we use sophisticated technologies to achieve the close tolerances that our customers require. Our plastic cutting services include:

  • Plastic CNC Milling Fabrication: We manufacture customer parts to print using top-of-the-line equipment, such as 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC mills. CNC milling technology enables us to produce highly complex, three-dimensional parts in a single setup, reducing setup time and part handling requirements for faster, more cost-effective fabrication. We work with Teflon™, honeycomb panels, and other precision plastics and composite materials
  • Plastic CNC Turning Technology: Our CNC plastic turning machines include everything from basic 2-axis lathes to an advanced 8-axis turning center which allows us to do repeat production of complex parts. In fact, we are the only plastic manufacturer with 8 axis CNC turning technology, giving us fabrication capabilities that no one else can match. We deliver highly complex precision plastic and composite parts that would be difficult or impossible to produce via other production methods.
  • 5-Axis Machining Parts: 5 axis machining allows us to trim and drill parts efficiently faster and more efficiently than manual processes, and eliminates the possibility of human error. Our comprehensive 5-axis machining capabilities ensure that you receive top quality, high precision parts, and save you time and money on your project. Whether you need simple or complex parts, whether your project calls for composite materials, carbon fiber, or precision plastics, we are the proven experts!
  • Digital Production Definition/Model Based Definition: Digital production definition (DPD), also known as model-based definition (MBD), allows us to manufacture and inspect parts directly from customer supplied CAD models. Digital production definition ensures that the parts we produce stay 100% true to your original design specifications, and eliminates unintentional modifications that can result from incomplete drawings, missed dimensions, or other missteps.
  • Cryogenic Deburring Process: We use liquid nitrogen in our cryogenic deburring processes to remove burrs efficiently and effectively. Faster and more economical than hand deburring, cryo deburring is a precisely controlled process that first freezes, then blasts away burrs and other unwanted excess material from part surfaces without affecting the parts themselves!

CMM Inspection Process: Our fully-automated CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection probe examines 100% of the parts we manufacture. CMM inspection measures the geometry of completed parts to detect any deviation from their design specifications. High-resolution measurement (within ±0.000001”) of thousands of references points provides real-time data for advanced quality control.


CNC Milling MachineCommitted to Cutting-Edge CNC Milling, Turning and other Technologies

Upland Fab began using plastic CNC milling machines in 1985. As the technology for plastic cutting services evolved, we evolved along with it. Keeping up with advancements in CNC turning, milling, and machining technology has enabled us to provide consistent, high-quality service to our customers over the years, and ensures that we will be around to serve our customers for years to come.


Upland Fabrication's Experienced Plastic Machining Team

Upland Fabrication is a family-owned business that rewards employees for loyalty. As a result, our engineers have been with us for many years, gaining and building on experience and expertise in machining composites and plastics that other companies just cannot match.


Dedicated Account Manager

Communication is a top priority at Upland Fab. To ensure that you constantly receive updates on the progress of your project, we will assign a single point of contact to you who will be in touch with you every step of the way.


Learn More About Our CNC Machined Materials

No part is too complex for Upland Fab. We've been providing top-flight plastics and composite machining in Southern California since 1970. Discover more about the different materials we can use at Upland Fab to create your parts.

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